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Our Work

RV Tech Repairs was established in 2015 and its a small family run business with 2 things in mind. first being offering the best service at a competitive price and second being helping the world become a better  place and help reduce electronic waste and this is where we need your help. 

We started this journey in 2016 and have helped orphanages in Tanzania, East Africa to a charity which is very close to our heart and after seeing the difference this makes is phenomenal.

Since we started the E-waste pledge we have helped those who are in need and has become a bit of an addiction seeing happy faces. Please help us help others and make the world a better place #RVEcycle


Step 1

Our First Meeting

Contact us via phone, email, WhatsApp or on our website. Your disposal/recycling requirements are discussed and reviewed. We then generate a unique disposal plan that meets all of your needs.

Step 2

Coordinating the logistics & Confirming Your Collection/Drop off

we will be in contact to arrange a drop off or collection date that suits you. Your collection confirmation will be sent to you via text /WhatsApp as well as emailed to you.

We ensure all of your old equipment gets collected as soon as possible, thereby safeguarding your data

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Delivery Man

Step 3

The D Day

The courier collection vehicle will arrive on the agreed date and time. 

you package the items and hand it to the courier.

All of your collected items will be returned to our Main IT Disposal office and our team will format and clear all your data from the devices (if this is something you can do or even sign-out from your iCloud or google account then even better prior to collection

Step 4

Secure, sustainable e-waste treatment

Your collection is allocated to a dedicated engineer. We start working on the job within 24 hours of it being returned to IT Disposal Office.

•The equipment is separated into data holding and non-data holding respectively. From here, all equipment is catalogued in preparation disposal or refurbishment

•Based on your requirements, data-bearing media is either erased using approved software and an itemized certificate of data destruction for all data-bearing media is then generated for your records.

•Equipment that is not fit for remarketing is fully decommissioned into raw materials. With our 0% landfill policy all recovered material is completely recycled, ready to be used to manufacture new products

•Equipment that is  fit for remarketing will go through a full refurbishment process by our head technician.

As part of our pledge to save electronic waste we will resell and donate the proceeds minus the cost of refurbishment or donate the equipment to those who need it most (orphanages in other countries, charities etc.) 

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